Stephanie Mitevski on Build to Rent

MakingPlace is a series of interviews with the best minds and makers in Australian housing, development, and design. From craftspeople to politicians, we’ll be joined by the people and teams that are shaping tomorrow, today. We’ll also be taking a look behind the scenes at Nation, sharing the full story of how this project came to life.

This week we’re joined by Stephanie Mitevski, Head of Operations and Leasing at Nation. Stephanie has worked her way up the ranks in the development industry, specialising in property service operations and managing a portfolio of properties. She now runs the team behind the day-to-day operations of Nation and shares with us her insights into the emerging Build to Rent (BTR) market.

Stephanie Mitevski, Head of Operations and Leasing at Nation

What do you love most about your home? 

I live in a duplex in South Wentworthville with my husband and my dog. I love my kitchen. It’s a great size and it allows my husband and I to cook and bake together which is something we love to do.

Tell us about your journey to Nation.

I have been in the property industry working in off the plan residential development since 2016. I joined Coronation Property way back in late 2017 as Client Relations Manager focusing on the settlement process and the handover experience to our individual property owners of The Paper Mill Precinct in Liverpool.

I was later promoted to Property Services Operations Manager as more buildings completed across the precinct and managed the internal property management, facilities management, and settlement services teams. Overall, I managed the day to day running of that precinct which consisted of 6 buildings and 886 dwellings. 

Over the last 12 months with my experience in operating precincts and rental portfolio I have been involved with the wider Coronation team to build the Nation business and brand.

I have now moved into my new role as Head of Operations and Leasing – Nation which consists of building the team who will be running the buildings day to day and managing the premium service to our Nation customers.  

What are the biggest issues that renters face today? 

Finding long term security in a lease agreement is hard to come by these days. Renters also have deal with landlords who most of the time do not have the interest of the tenant in mind, as well as different real estate agents who act in the best interest of the landlord making it difficult for the tenant to have their issues heard and dealt with in a quick smooth manner. Sadly this often leaves renters with the worry that if they step a foot wrong or have a legitimate complaint it might affect their rental history, they could be asked to pay more or to leave the property completely. 

Could you please explain the concept of Build to Rent? 

Build to rent is a contemporary approach to urban housing development. In this approach, a property developer designs and constructs apartment buildings or precincts while retaining ownership once completed. The developer then leases the apartments to tenants and oversees the management and maintenance of the entire precinct.  The build to rent model allows the developer the ability to offer tenants are wide range of services, premium amenities, and community activation. 
What is Nation’s point of difference in this space? 

At Nation we understand that life can be hectic, and we really have tried to include amenities and services that will streamline the day-to-day lifestyle of a renter. We have our wellness areas including gym and sauna for those at any fitness level. We also have a co-working area with private study rooms for those days they’re not heading into the office but need a great space to log on. There is also a cinema and private dining rooms for when they want to entertain or just hang out with their neighbours. 

All residents will have access to our resident app which allows them to access the building and their apartment on their phone. It will allow them to book the amenities and lodge any issues or requests they might have. We have a dedicated onsite team including a concierge who will assist residents and manage those requests coming in person or on the app. 

Also, I must mention the design of the apartments, they’re just beautiful and the finishes are a superior quality. We really have thought about the renter and added as much storage as we can internally and offering external storage if they need it. All apartments come with the essential top of the range appliances as well.  

Our residents will be able to choose from a variety of floor plan types and we are also offering the option of a fully furnished product with carefully designed and selected furniture from MCM House. The furniture is gorgeous and such great quality — I want it all for my home now!

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Nation_lr 27
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Nation_lr 32
Nation_lr 28-1

How would you like to see Nation evolve?

We have multiple projects in the works so the plan to grow the Nation portfolio is well underway. 

Eventually, I would love for Nation to become a household name that our residents are proud to call home and their first recommendation to their family and friends. 

The hope for the future is that we build relationships and have life-long residents who grow with us and the communities we are building. 

I am so proud of the product and service we’re delivering and can’t wait to see how much people love it.  

What are you up to this weekend? 

I am having a BBQ with friends and enjoying the sunshine as much as I can.