Nation Radio: Commute



NATION RADIO is our guest-curated playlist series. These playlists are made for our spaces and activities, but you can enjoy them wherever you are. From cooking at home to walking to work, we've got your soundtrack ready to play.

Our guest curator is Andrew Levins, a DJ, chef, writer and Dad.  He is behind the monthly 90s party The Rhythm of the Night, and is one of the DJs behind Sydney's long running rap party Halfway Crooks.  Hear him every week on the podcasts Hey Fam and The Mitchen.

Levins is also a Western Sydney resident with strong ties to the community. He runs the local food blog Parramatta Eats and has written 100's of articles on the subject. In his playlist series he'll be featuring a ton of local artists too, with each playlist featuring 30% artists from Western Sydney. Some names to get to know are B Wise, Planet Vegeta, Becca Hatch, Sollyy, Friday, Dylan Atlantis, Youngn Lipz, Fisheye FM, Thandi Phoenix, Gold Fang, Breakfast Road, Zion Garcia, Nardean, Lil Spacely, Kwame, Cabu, No Intent, Chirine, ONEFOUR, 1300, A.Girl and more.

The First Nation Radio playlist is called COMMUTE. Commute is a head nodding collection of hip hop and r&b from Australia, America and the UK. We've made this one to soundtrack your journey from your Nation apartment to your job in the city or class at University. But of course, you can throw it on anywhere, anytime.