In A Room with Kenny Yong-soo Son



In a Room is a conversation series where we ask our friends to share their favourite domestic spaces. This week we’re joined by object maker-designer Kenny Yong-soo Son.

Kenny has a simple goal of creating work that has ‘life’, objects that add significance and value to everyday environments.  In 2010 he graduated from a Bachelor of Honours in Visual Arts at The Sydney College of Arts (SCA), majoring in Metal & Object. Furthermore, in 2013 he completed his masters in Design at The University of Technology, Sydney, majoring in Object & Accessories.  Upon his graduation in 2013, Kenny launched his own workshop and store, Studiokyss.  

With the idea between decorative & functional and the ability to transcend both craft & design mediums, Kenny is interested in creating work that has the ability to interact physically and emotionally with the users, essentially giving longevity to the object. 


Which room are you in today? 

I am in my workshop space in Marrickville. It is where I work. This room is quite new to me as I have only recently moved here from my previous work space. 

Which room is the most active in your house?

The living space is the most active space in the house. My partner and I live in an apartment structure with a lounge, dining and kitchen space, all within one single open room. This space is where we relax, cook and eat our meals and even beam our projector to watch various things. 

Which room gets the least amount of use?

This is a difficult one to answer as both our bedroom and living space gets used a lot. If we are talking about length or duration, it would be the bathroom as it only gets used for its needs. 

Which is your work-from-home room of choice?

I rarely do any work at home. A lot of my work is done in the workshop space due to the tools and machinery that gets used.  

What for you defines a great room?

A great room allows you to use the space for the intended purpose, and has the minimal amount of things — furniture and goods — only filled with objects with purpose and intent, whether it be functional or emotional. 

What is your personal favourite type of room, and why?

My personal favourite type of room is one that allows an individual to feel comfortable whilst being able to admire the harmony amongst the objects that make up the room. This, in my opinion, comes down to balance, eye-for-detail and the ability to be humble, not greedy.

Tell us about your all-time favourite room. 

My all-time favourite room belongs to Hendrik Forster & Kerryn Forster. It is the living space of their former property in Calulu, Victoria. They are dear friends of ours whom we look up to and respect very much. The space and the objects within this space are a perfect representation of their personality and soul. Only enough of what they need but made up of their heart and personality which is curated in the most natural and beautiful way possible. 


Studiokyss Workshop in Marrickville