In A Room with Georgia Perry

In a Room is a conversation series where we ask our friends to share their favourite domestic spaces. This week we’re joined by Georgia Perry,  a Melbourne based illustrator, graphic designer, and busy mum. 

Which room are you in today? 

I'm in my living room in Yarraville with my daughter, watching Bluey – it's where you can usually find me. 

Which room is the most active in your house? 

Our kitchen - I recently converted our dining room into a playroom and sold our big dining table, so the small kitchen table is now the epicentre of our home. It's where we eat, host friends, have drinks, and make crafts and art.

Which room gets the least amount of use?

With a bustling toddler and my home studio, I think we're using every available inch of space! 

What defines a great room?

Greatness is the feeling when you walk in – I want every room in my home to feel comfortable and welcoming. 

What is your personal favourite type of room, and why?

Comfy living rooms that are set up perfectly for conversation. Must have mood lighting, plenty of cushions and a great candle burning. 

Tell us about your all-time favourite room. 

Henri Matisse's studio springs to mind. Google it and you'll see loads of giant coloured paper cutouts, sketches on the walls and beautiful parquetry floors. 

As a creative person, what do you need in your space to get into work beyond your materials?

I have a huge pinboard that I change each month. I use it for idea generation, colour palettes etc. I also need nice lighting — never overhead — and a good candle burning. 

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