Charles Hinckfuss on Design for Homes


MakingPlace is a series of interviews with the best minds and makers in Australian housing, development, and design. From craftspeople to politicians, we’ll be joined by the people and teams that are shaping tomorrow, today. We’ll also be taking a look behind the scenes at Nation, sharing the full story of how this project came to life.

This week we’re joined by Charles Hinckfuss, founder of MCM House, a high quality indoor and outdoor furniture design studio who are responsible for the beautiful fitout of our Nation apartments. Here Charles shares some insights into his design work, inspirations, and domestic life.

MCM House furniture Designs
MCM House furniture Designs
MCM House furniture Designs
MCM House furniture Designs

MCM House furniture Designs

MCM House furniture Designs


What do you love most about your home? 

Having moved to Sydney 20 years ago from Melbourne, I’ve enjoyed ocean-style living that has heavily influenced my way of life. I’ve found that textural but minimal layering of your interior allows for a beachside city lifestyle aesthetic. 

Where did your love for furniture design come from? 

I grew up with an uncle that sold antique furniture, so that’s always been in the background. Over time I simply fell in love with creating interesting spaces by buying and selling decorative items that lead me into creating my own collections that is MCM House. 

What draws you towards new materials and designs for your collections?

I always look for a natural element to anchor the look and the feel of an object whether it be timber, linen, marble and bring it into the interior, reflecting a timeless shape or feature that feels familiar yet new. 

Does the climate or culture of Australia play a role in your designs?

Being a warmer climate, we tend to have a hybrid indoor/outdoor feel and a more active lifestyle direction in Australia, meaning our interiors have a sense of informality but with a strong sense of style. 

What are some of the influences you’ve drawn from outside of Australia but have used in your designs here?

Having bought antique furniture from France, I ensure that all my designs have an element of classic proportion, giving each piece a  timeless energy. 

Your bespoke range of furniture for Nation is designed specifically for our apartment range. What have been your guiding principles for this project? 

Solid proportions ensuring a liveable use of the space while maintaining a strong sense of design and character. Touch and feel are always very important as with all furniture that has an element of a natural material you will find that this will give a product a distinct aspect of quality in terms of craftsmanship. The seamless way an object is designed and put together often reflects the level of craftsmanship. Soft corners, warm tones and strong contrast along with a cleaner more modern construction of furniture that works for apartment living. 

What’s your quickest piece of advice for someone struggling to make a furniture decision? 

Fit the brief. 

What are you up to this weekend? 

Having an ice bath.